Life Enrichment

Creating Rich and Happy Lives through Understanding and Compassion

The life enrichment program in our memory care area is focused on engaging our residents and improving their quality of life through specialized activities and programs designed for the complex and changing needs of individuals experiencing memory issues and dementias.

  • Our caregivers and staff provide a safe and relaxing environment for residents to express themselves.
  • Life enrichment programs provide sensory and mental stimulation that can empower residents to connect with the world around them.
  • Our staff provides enjoyable, meaningful, and age-appropriate activities for each resident based on their specific needs, abilities, and preferences.
  • Our specially designed programs are based upon recent industry research and knowledge and have been shown to improve residents mood and well-being.
  • All of our life enrichment programs are provided in a compassionate and understanding atmosphere.
  • All residents in our memory care area enjoy positive and thoughtful cognitive recreation programs.
  • Our program focuses on celebrating our resident’s lives and their histories.